Talent group is the pioneer in the field of certificate attestation in Dubai, providing a reliable and fastest way in this Industry. We provide all kinds of educational and non-educational certificate attestation services. We cater to our services for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain & Saudi Arabia (KSA) from various departments from more than 30 countries. We always give utmost importance to our client’s needs and urgency and act accordingly in a quick and reliable way. Our major advantage which makes us stand mighty and lofty in the industry is our value-added services. Our wings are spread across the globe and our wide partner’s network gives us an edge over other attestation companies. Our clients testify that we are the best in the industry with a list of dedicated services. To make use of our services all you need is to do is submit the required documents and Talent UAE Attestation Services will take care of the rest!!!

Here we update our customers about the status of their certificates undergoing attestation by emailing them the latest updates that are taking place in their legalization procedure.

Our clients can always know the status of their documents by calling our staff. All they need to do is provide their tracking number and they will be professionally updated by our experienced staff.

From our head office in the United Arab Emirates, as well as our processing centre in Dubai, we managed hundreds of documents on a weekly basis with the essential task of legalizing documents so that they can be officially presented inside of the UAE. Everyone is important. But we all share the same passion – treating your valuable documents as if they were our own. You can be assured that your documents are treated with care, attention to detail, and a consistent, professional manner.

TALENT ATTESTATION SERVICES provide the clients with a wide range of services like Certificate Attestation, Translation Services, Business Set-up, PRO services, Document Clearing service, etc…

Our Vision

Talent UAE Attestation Services has one vision to become the largest service provider for attestation with 100% genuinity, with par excellent customer service. We strongly believe in delivering excellent service in least time and affordable rates to our customers.
Our vision is to develop an enduring relationship with customers across the world by giving highly professional and streamlined services at cost-effective and competitive rates.
Our pathway to all-round success is developments are based on our principles of commitment, hard work, and long-lasting experience.

If you are bothering about UAE Attestation, just contact us and we’ll work with you to get the documents ready when you need it. We offer cost-effective solutions when you have time on your hands, right through to a same-day attestation service when you’re running out of time. Get in touch for your own personalized quotation.

We can arrange to collect your documents and return them anywhere around the world. We’ll guide you through every step of the process to ensure that there are no surprises or further fees to pay. Whatever your requirements,  CONTACT US today for help with your UAE Attestation, Legalization and Apostille needs.

MOFA attestation in UAE (Ministry of Foreign affairs) is an attestation of certificate or document by the stamp and seal of the authorized persons within the MOFA. MOFA attestation in UAE is the ultimate body to verify a certificate in UAE and it is the ultimate verification procedure to be exhausted a certificate. once MOFA seal is Stamped in your certificate, that certificate is usually utilized in UAE must of the requirements.

Talent has been actively undertaking all the services of MOFA Attestation in UAE at realistic and competitive rates. we’ve developed a spread of premium facilities to assist our customers. we provide a Document Tracking system to supply this update of the documents to our clients.

For MOFA attestation in UAE, all the documents must be attested by the concerned government departments of the country which issued from, then by the UAE Embassy situated in that particular country and also, the Ministry needs to handles verification and attestation of documents issued outside UAE and UAE issued documents to be used abroad.

Talent certificate attestation in Dubai have knowledge of the Attestation process from more than 30 countries, Talent UAE Attestation Services consists of a team of professionals, dedicated to helping your legalization your documents from


for use around the world. We can complete all Certificate Attestation in Dubai Procedures from anywhere in the world without Your Presence.