Certificate Attestation

UAE is a non-member of the Hague Convention. All the documents intended to use in United Arab Emirates required legalization, which generally known as Attestation or Authentication. When you need to use a document in the UAE that is from a different country, you can’t simply hand it over. The UAE requires a chain of evidence to prove that a document can be trusted this process is called Attestation. Talent attestation Services providing attestation service from more than 30 countries.

Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE is the act of witnessing a Qualification certificate by authorized person / persons / Departments / authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that, the specified Educational certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular Educational certificate is authentic Certificate. Educational certificates Attestation is mainly to obtain an employment visa & Labour card in UAE for most of the designations and to write Ministry of Health and Dept of Health examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians etc..

It is mandatory to get the Marriage & Birth certificates attestation in case the Expatriate
Wishes to live together with their family in a foreign country as this attested document is a proof of the marriage being legalized by the country of origin. Marriage certificate attestation is required to get dependent visa in UAE. A Birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of a person’s birth, usually including the names of the parents. . Attestation on Birth Certificate is needed for applying for a Family Visa [son/daughter visa].

We provide Attestation and Apostille service for all kind of documents issued from all countries. We can complete all attestation process without your presence, The required documents for certificate attestation are original certificate & passport copy .Attestation is a one time process, if you attested once you can use that for life time.Your certificates are valuable to you and also for us, We see your certificate as our most important document. Provided by an educational institution such as a college or university, a degree certificate serves as proof that the beneficiary has successfully completed a particular course of study and passed all the prerequisites that came with it. This official document is often requested by companies where the holder applies to verify his or her academic performance.
We provides you all types of latest information and guidelines on the attestation procedures involved in making application for Attestation of documents from respective government departments. We give you valuable services, reasonable price & free collection and delivery all over UAE at your doorstep. Of course we play an important role in your attestation too. Our range of Attestation process for all educational and non educational & Business documents attestation from INDIA, , UK, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, PHILIPPINES, NEWZEALAND, SINGAPORE, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, HONGKONG, AUSTRIA, RUSSIA, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, GERMANY, SOUTHAFRICA, ROMANIA, EGYPT, LEBANON, SPAIN, NETHERLANDS,SRILANKA, TURKEY, MEXICO, MALAYSIA, CYPRUS, POLAND, JORDAN, PORTUGAL, GREECE, ITALY, PANAMA DOCUMENTS & SEYCHELLES DOCUMENTS.
We pride ourselves as being your one stop shop for Attestation services from more than 30 countries. Whether you are in UAE or abroad, we endeavour to make the difficult and time consuming process attestation as painless as possible with the end-to-end services that we provide.

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  • University/College/School/Diploma, certificates Attestation from 30+ countries.
  • Degree Certificates Attestation
  • Diploma Certificates Attestation
  • Provisional Certificates Attestation
  • Transcripts Attestation
  • Mark Sheets Attestation
  • Marriage certificates Attestation
  • Marriage Affidavit Certificate attestation
  • Birth Certificates Attestation
  • Company Documents Attestation
  • Business Power of Attorney attestation
  • British Virgin Island[BVI-UK] documents Attestation
  • Divorce certificate Attestation
  • Death Certificates Attestation
  • Experience Certificates Attestation
  • Transfer Certificates Attestation
  • Medical Reports Attestation
  • Police Clearances Attestation
  • Legal Heir ships Attestation
  • Single status certificate Attestation
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Affidavits Attestation
  • Certificate of incorporation documents Attestation
  • General power of attorney documents Attestation
  • Certificate of good standing documents Attestation
  • Corporate board resolution documents Attestation
  • Memorandum of association documents Attestation
  • Article of association documents Attestation
  • Document Clearance from all Government Departments, Ministries, Consulates, Embassy & Foreign Affairs Department
  • Translation of regional documents to English
  • Legal Translation
  • Home Department attestation from Kerala