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A birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of one’s birth, usually including the names of the parents. It is mandatory to urge the certificate attestation just in case the expatriate wishes to measure alongside their family during a foreign country as this attested document is a proof being legalized by the home country. Birth attestation in Dubai is needed for applying for a children’s visa [son/daughter visa].

The certificate attestation is a legalization process. That shall authenticate the certificate with the official stamp and signature of the issuing authority. This birth certificate attestation allows using of a certificate as a legally verified document in other countries. Every country has a different set of procedures and requirements. The birth certificate can attest or do apostille. According to your requirements and issued country regulations you can choose apostille or attestation. The birth certificate is a very important document for anyone for a lifetime.

Talent provides birth certificate attestation, the certificate issued by any country possesses to be attested by UAE Embassy from issuing country and eventually attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE, for being a legitimate document in UAE.
The birth certificate attestation process can also be done in the absence of a certificate holder in the issuing country. Birth certificate attestation is required for children’s school admission purposes also.

Talent UAE has a range of attestation process for birth certificates attestation from India, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, France, Hongkong, Austria, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, South Africa, Romania, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Denmark, Jordan, Cyprus, Oman, and Pakistan.

Apostille attestation is a similar process that is also done in the birth attestation. By doing apostille within the certificate, this certificate goes to be valued in 104 countries of The Hague Convention.

Documents required for birth certificate attestation:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

Indian birth attestation in Dubai is one the foremost crucial step that you simply need to fulfil so as to measure in UAE or for the other purpose in Dubai where you’ve got to point out some proof of your age it’s necessary to possess an Indian birth attestation in Dubai. The attestation validates your document to be utilized in Dubai and everyone over UAE. Getting your document attested, however, are often a taxing task as you’ve got to urge approval from various offices and each little detail should be taken care of.

Indian birth attestation in Dubai pertains to the act and process of witnessing a certificate by a licensed person, or persons, departments, and authorities, as verified by their signature and official seal. Having a certificate attested also serves to verify that the required certificate was released by the mentioned department. It further verifies that the signature and seal affixed thereon particular document is authentic and genuine.

The process for doing Indian birth attestation in Dubai and the UAE can be performed in the country that had initially issued the official document. To be eligible to be used in UAE, it’s vital for the birth attestation in Dubai by the concerned home department, or the Ministry of External Affairs, or a corresponding embassy of the country where the holder of the certificate intends to travel.

The Indian birth attestation in Dubai makes the certificate more valuable and valid there in a particular country. Indian birth attestation in Dubai doesn’t have any problem in validly so it can use for other needs also. The certificate features a big importance in our international dealings. The first Indian birth in Dubai is required for certificate attestation. If your attestation isn’t proper you need to face difficulties in your foreign affairs.

The death certificate is mandatory in every country as per the law. If the death happens in the hospital, official medical practitioners and hospital authorities will report to the government. If death happens in-home, family members are supposed to report to government officials. It contains the name of the person, date, and place of death and case for the death. In UAE the death certificate attestation must be done from MOFA in UAE for official purposes. The certificate gets attested from the home country and UAE embassy there and finally, does the ministry of foreign affairs from UAE.
Death certificate attestation could even be a compulsory technique required while going to acquire the advantages of deceased individuals from any abroad country. For the foremost part, a death certificate attestation is often gotten from the concerned registrar or sub-registrar centre office. Death certificate attestation comes under the non-educational attestation category. Death certificate attestation procedure can vary supported the nationality and death certificate issued country.

Talent UAE helps you to done all processes on death certificate attestation whether it is issued from the US, UK India, Canada, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, and any other country. One of the main reasons for death certificate attestation is to clime the insurance and the second very important requirement is for clearing the ownership of assets and liability of an individual who died.

Documents required for birth certificate attestation:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

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