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Marriage certificate attestation in UAE is one of the varied procedures of legalization during which an attestation stamp from the UAE Embassy is procured. It must be done from the certificate issued country. Marriage certificate attestation is completed so on validate the authenticity of the certificate which is required abroad. It is generally required to convince the opposite countries that you simply are legally married. Marriage attestation in UAE will help to get a family visa or sponsorship for the spouse. The providing authorities require certain documents for further processing. The authentication of this certification is often issued by a rustic where the wedding was held.

The Government of UAE requires the marriage certificate attestation if the couple wishes to live together during a far-off country like the United Arab Emirates. It must be attested by the UAE Embassy where the certificate is issued from further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before the grant of UAE Visa. The UAE Government accepts marriage certificate provided the certificates were also attested first by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that specific country of origin.

Talent UAE provides attestation and Apostille service for marriage certificates issued from all countries. We’ll complete all attestation process without your presence, the required documents for marriage certificate attestation are original certificate and husband-wife passport copy. Attestation could even be a onetime process if you attested once you’ll use that for a lifetime. Your certificates are valuable to you and also for us, we see your certificate as our most significant document.
Marriage Certificate attestation in UAE is now Compulsory if you are applying for family visa in UAE. A marriage certificate issued from any country has to be attested by the UAE Embassy from the Issuing country. And finally attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE for being a valid document in UAE. The process is different for every country’s marriage certificate attestation.

It is mandatory to urge the marriage attestation in UAE just in case the expatriate wishes to live in conjunction with their family during a faraway country as this attested document could even be a logo of the marriage being legalized by the country of origin. Marriage attestation in UAE is required to urge a dependent visa in UAE.

Talent UAE provides fast and reliable marriage attestation in UAE, and we also provide an online tracking system to track your document status in every phase of the attestation.
Talent UAE will provide service for any kind of information about marriage attestation in UAE. Attestation will be done in a limited time frame. Talent UAE will collect marriage Certificate from your residence with free of cost and get it attested from the issued country.
At last, it will be attested from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates and deliver it back to you securely through courier or messenger.

Apostille attestation is a similar process that is also done in marriage attestation in UAE. By doing apostille within the marriage certificate, this certificate goes to be valued in 104 countries of The Hague Convention.

Documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy

A divorce certificate is an official certificate for a person that issued from court or a concerned government body to prove the couple are officially separated after the marriage. A divorce certificate will confirm the termination of the marriage. It will mention the name of both separated wife and husband, place and date of marriage ended. Divorce certificate will mention the proper and responsibility of every party after the Divorce. Divorce certificate will be acceptable in UAE or any other country if it has attestation as per the government guideline.
If a divorcee wants to move to a different country for educational or job purposes, he/she will need to prove his/her legal status, for this purpose a legitimate divorce papers will need to be produced before the authorities. The divorce certificate attestation should be done before submission in order that it genuinely is substantiated. Divorce certificate attestation can avoid any legal difficulties arising because of marital issues. Divorce Certificate Attestation is often done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the certificate in UAE, it should be attested from the concerned Home department/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country.

Talent UAE will assist you to get your divorce certificate attestation. Divorce certificate attestation involves a lengthy process in various official departments. But our expert team will easily handle your divorce certificate attestation procedure.
Apostille attestation is a similar process that is also done in divorce attestation in UAE. By doing apostille within the divorce certificate, this certificate goes to be valued in 104 countries of The Hague Convention.

Documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy
  • University/College/School/Diploma, certificates Attestation from 30+ countries.
  • Degree Certificates Attestation
  • Diploma Certificates Attestation
  • Provisional Certificates Attestation
  • Transcripts Attestation
  • Mark Sheets Attestation
  • Marriage certificates Attestation
  • Marriage Affidavit Certificate attestation
  • Birth Certificates Attestation
  • Company Documents Attestation
  • Business Power of Attorney attestation
  • British Virgin Island[BVI-UK] documents Attestation
  • Divorce certificate Attestation
  • Death Certificates Attestation
  • Experience Certificates Attestation
  • Transfer Certificates Attestation
  • Medical Reports Attestation
  • Police Clearances Attestation
  • Legal Heir ships Attestation
  • Single status certificate Attestation
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Affidavits Attestation
  • Certificate of incorporation documents Attestation
  • General power of attorney documents Attestation
  • Certificate of good standing documents Attestation
  • Corporate board resolution documents Attestation
  • Memorandum of association documents Attestation
  • Article of association documents Attestation
  • Document Clearance from all Government Departments, Ministries, Consulates, Embassy & Foreign Affairs Department
  • Translation of regional documents to English
  • Legal Translation
  • Home Department attestation from Kerala