UK Degree Attestation for getting visa in UAE

UK Degree Attestation for getting visa in UAE

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UK Document Attestation

We all find excitement in the prospect of traveling or relocating to other destinations especially to other countries. The UK certificate attestation process frequently lacks enthusiasm due to the legal requirements required. Sometimes you won’t experience or face this problem because the requirements to travel different countries is also different. Some foreign destinations or countries only require a passport and a valid visa when they arrive, which is the reason. But let’s say if you’re a citizen of the UK and want to relocate to the UAE, then you would have to go through a tedious or a hectic attestation process for UK documents such your educational documents, marriage or birth documents.

UAE is a country of immigrants that promotes foreigners to travel there, work there, or start business there. If a citizen from UK want to work or settle in the UAE, then UK document attestation is necessary. As required by law, your HR manager that is one who manages the human resource department in your firm in the UAE may ask for authorized or UK document attestation. The educational certificate is enough to approve the job visa and also it depends on which emirates be providing the visa.

Is UAE member in Hague ?

Since the UAE is not a member to the Hague Convention, all documents submitted in the United Arab Emirates must be legalized by UAE embassy rather than by an Apostille, also known as attestation or authentication. As a conclusion, the lengthy and important process of UK document attestation in Dubai is required to ensure the validity of the documents. The first step in the process is having your documents attested by the appropriate departments, depending on what they are.

We, Talent document clearings will help you to succeed this hectic process in an easy way. You can just submitted your UK issued documents to us. We will cover all the UK document attestation process required to you in legal way and finally get back to you with all jobs done. Now you can use your documents in UAE without any obstacles.



UK document attestation

UK Degree Attestation

Degree certificates from the UK must undergo the attestation process in the UK in order to fulfill an attestation criteria. The preliminary step of the UK degree attestation in the UAE is solicitor verification and authenticity. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will receive the certificates after that. The department will examine the document and stamp it with an Apostille attestation. The document will eventually bear the seal and signature of the UAE Embassy in the UK. This is the final step from UK. Then the certificates can be sent to the UAE for the final Uk document attestation via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE once the attestation procedures inside the home country have been completed.

UK degree attestation is a process through which the original documents issued in the UK are assessed and authenticated. It is always recommended to attest your degree documents when you migrate from the UK to the UAE for job or business purposes or any other purposes. UK degree attestation to the UAE is the best way to demonstrate your qualifications for a variety of purposes such as immigration, visa, employment, college admission, and so on.

UK degree attestation

The types of UK documents which can be attested from the UAE are:

– UK issued school certificates

– degree certificates

– diploma certificates

– masters degree certificates

–  personal documents

– commercial documents etc.

Main steps involved in UK document attestation are as follows :

  1. Notary Public in UK
  2. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  3. UAE Embassy Attestation in London
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE

Our Talent team will collect your certificates and complete all the necessary formalities required as per the prescribed guidelines. Our UK degree attestation in Dubai process is fast and efficient way.

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