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Liechtenstein certificate attestation

Liechtenstein certificate attestation in the UAE allows Liechtenstein citizens to use their Liechtenstein-issued documents in foreign countries. The commonly attested documents include Liechtenstein degree certificates, non-educational certificates like marriage, birth, and death certificates, diploma certificates, affidavits, and others. Attestation ensures the recognition and acceptance of Liechtenstein documents in foreign countries, as well as the utilization of foreign documents attested in their home country within Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein attestation enables the use of Liechtenstein-issued certificates abroad. The most commonly attested certificates include educational documents like degree certificates and diploma certificates, as well as civil status certificates (such as marriage, birth, and death certificates) and commercial documents.

Why certificate attestation necessary in UAE?

Document attestation is a vital procedure that offers a strong assurance of the genuineness and unaltered nature of certificates, preserving their original integrity. This process is pivotal in the fight against fraud and in safeguarding the interests of individuals and organizations that depend on the legitimacy of these documents. Attestation establishes a solid foundation of trust and dependability, instilling confidence in the veracity of the certified information. It serves as a robust defence against potential tampering or misrepresentation, thus upholding the credibility and reliability of the certified documents.

The attestation process acts as a dependable mechanism to confirm the authenticity and precision of crucial documents, instilling a sense of confidence and peace of mind for all parties involved. It plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of certified information and promoting transparency and trust across various domains. Through attestation, individuals and organizations can guarantee the reliability and credibility of their important documents, further bolstering trust and facilitating seamless transactions and interactions

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Benefits for doing Liechtenstein attestation in UAE

There are several benefits to conducting Liechtenstein certificate attestation in the UAE:

Global Recognition: By attesting your Liechtenstein certificates in the UAE, they gain international recognition and acceptance. This allows you to use your certificates in various countries worldwide without facing unnecessary hurdles or doubts regarding their authenticity.

Legal Compliance: Many countries require attestation of foreign documents to ensure legal compliance. By getting your Liechtenstein certificates attested in the UAE, you fulfill the necessary requirements and comply with the legal procedures of other countries where you intend to use your certificates.

Increased Credibility: Liechtenstein Attestation enhances the credibility of your Liechtenstein certificates. It provides an official seal and endorsement, verifying the authenticity and validity of the documents. This gives confidence to employers, educational institutions, government authorities, and other entities that rely on certified information.

Smooth Documentation Process: Having attested certificates simplifies the documentation process when applying for jobs, pursuing higher education, or engaging in business activities. It streamlines the verification process and reduces the chances of delays or complications related to document authentication.

Protection Against Fraud: Attestation acts as a safeguard against document fraud. The process involves thorough verification and validation of the certificates, making it difficult for individuals to present forged or counterfeit documents. This helps maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of the certification system.

Facilitates International Mobility: If you plan to work, study, or settle in a foreign country, attested Liechtenstein certificates can greatly facilitate your mobility. They are more likely to be recognized and accepted by employers, educational institutions, immigration authorities, and other relevant entities, easing the transition to a new country.

Overall, Liechtenstein certificate attestation in the UAE offers the advantage of global recognition, legal compliance, enhanced credibility, streamlined documentation, protection against fraud, and increased mobility opportunities. It provides individuals and organizations with the assurance and confidence they need in the authenticity of their certified information, facilitating smooth transactions and interactions across different sectors.

Types of documents

The process of Liechtenstein attestation involves three types of documents:

Educational Documents
Personal Documents

Commercial Documents

Educational documents

Academic Certificates

Degree Certificates

Diploma Certificates

Provisional Certificates
Post-Graduation/Master Certificates

Matriculation Certificates
Mark sheets

Transfer Certificates

Nursing Certificates

Ph.D. Certificates etc.

Personal documents

Marriage Certificates

Birth Certificates

Marriage Affidavits

Medical Certificates

Experience Certificates

Migration Certificates

Divorce Certificates

Death Certificates

Police clearance Certificates

Single status Certificates etc.

Commercial documents

Company Documents

General Power of Attorney

Special Power of Attorney

Business agreements
Shareholders Resolution

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Good Standing

Memorandum of Association Patents
Commercial registration certificates

Certificates of origin
No objection certificates etc.

Purpose of doing Liechtenstein document attestation in UAE

The main purposes of Liechtenstein attestation are as follows:

For education certificates:

Obtaining a work visa or a labor card for most job designations in the UAE.

Pursuing higher education in the UAE.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists,

laboratory technicians, and other healthcare professionals are required to take exams conducted by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Department of Health (DOH) as a part of their professional requirements.

To get an equivalent certificate for an educational qualification earned abroad etc.

For non-educational certificates:

To obtain a family visa or to sponsor a family member in the UAE.

For school admission purposes for children
Authorize the spouse for admission to the hospital for childbirth

To enroll in educational institutions in the UAE etc.
While taking on a kid.

When recording Divorce.
While applying visa for youngsters.
During School affirmation.

When applying for Insurance.

For commercial document attestation:

Obtaining a trade license or start a business in the UAE.

To open a bank account or apply for a loan in the UAE.
Participating in tenders and other business-relate activities in the UAE.

To meet the requirements of various government and non-government entities for different purposes.

For general power of attorney Business agreements Company registration, etc.

If the particular purpose you have in mind hasn't been addressed in the earlier list, we strongly recommend contacting our team of attestation consultants. They have a wealth of experience in this domain and can offer tailored guidance on Liechtenstein attestation procedures, perfectly aligned with your distinct requirements. Anticipate receiving comprehensive and personalized assistance from them, meticulously crafted to cater to your individual needs."

General steps / procedures for doing Liechtenstein certificate attestation in UAE

The specific procedures for Liechtenstein certificate attestation in the UAE may vary depending on the type of certificate and the requirements of the respective authorities involved. However, here is a general outline of the typical steps involved in Liechtenstein attestation:

Notarization: Begin by notarizing your original Liechtenstein certificate. This step involves having your document certified by a recognized notary public in Liechtenstein. The notary will verify the authenticity of the document and affix an official seal.

Apostille: Since Liechtenstein is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you will need to obtain an apostille on your certificate. The apostille is issued by the competent authority in Liechtenstein and certifies the authenticity of the document for use in foreign countries, including the UAE.

UAE Embassy Attestation: Once you have obtained the apostille, you need to visit the Embassy or Consulate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Liechtenstein. Submit your apostilled certificate along with any required supporting documents and complete the attestation process at the embassy. This step ensures that your document is recognized and accepted by the UAE authorities.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation in the UAE: After the UAE Embassy attestation, the certificate needs to be further attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This step confirms the validity and authenticity of your certificate in the UAE.

Optional: Additional Attestation from Other Authorities: Depending on the specific requirements or purposes for which you need the attestation, you may have to get your certificate attested by other relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Education or the relevant educational institution if it is an educational certificate.

It's important to note that the exact procedures and requirements may vary, and it is advisable to consult with the relevant authorities or seek professional assistance to ensure compliance with the specific regulations and guidelines for Liechtenstein certificate attestation in the UAE.

Common procedures for Liechtenstein certificate attestation are as:

Notary Public
Department of Foreign Affairs
UAE Embassy Attestation from Liechtenstein Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

The procedure and timeline for Liechtenstein attestation may vary over time, depending on the regulations set forth by the authorities in Liechtenstein.

Documents Needed:

Original Certificate

Passport copy

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General procedures for Indian
certificate attestation in UAE


Attestation by Notary Public

Firstly, the document must first be attesting by a Notary Public in India. This step is necessary to ensure that the document is authentic and has been issue by a recognize authority.


Attestation by Notary Public

Secondly after notarization, the document must be attesting by the Home Department of the State where the document was issue. This is necessary to confirm that the document has been issue by a recognize authority and that the signature of the issuing authority is genuine.


Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Thirdly, the document must be attest by the MEA in India. This step is necessary to verify the authenticity of the document and the signature of the Home Department.


Attestation by UAE Embassy in India

Fourthly, after attestation by the MEA, the document must be attest by the UAE Embassy in India. This step is necessary to confirm that the document has been issue by a recognize authority and that the signature of the MEA is genuine


Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE

Finally, the attest document must be submit to the MOFA in the UAE for final attestation. This step is necessary to confirm that the document has been attest by all relevant authorities in India and that it is genuine.


Streamlined attestation for all your international needs.
Expert guidance for any country's visa and accreditation


Streamlined attestation for all your international needs. Expert guidance for any country's visa and accreditation requirements
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