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Talent UAE is the company for certificate attestation in Dubai with free document collection and delivery. MOFA attestation UAE is also done here.

Talent Document Clearings Acceptance Guarantee

Talent Document Clearings 100 % Service Guarantee

We are pleased to extend our Service Guarantee to all of our consistent clearing customers. Some people believe that services are not guaranteed. After all, human resource delivery is thought to be less reliable than machine delivery. We do, however, hold opposing viewpoints. It's way too safe to assume that we're providing "acceptable" service. As a result, a strategic planning must focus on service differentiation in this highly competitive market that competes on cost leadership, resulting in a race to the bottom and risking workers' living standards.

It is important to note that all of the certificates we process are legally accepted in the UAE (UAE). Our services are accompanied by a 100% quality guarantee.

Our Promise to You

At the Talent Document Clearings, we are committed to providing exceptional attestation services to our valued customers in order to support their move to the UAE and assist them in succeeding. We will skilfully instruct you through the entire procedure so that you get your documentation attested as cost - effectively as possible and comfortably as possible. When you choose Talent, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding customer service. With our Service Guarantee, you could indeed lay quietly, enjoy, and breathe a sigh of relief. We always prioritize our clients, striving to offer the best quality of work and customer satisfaction possible.

You can depend on us at Talent Document Clearings to provide complete end-to-end attestation services for everything needed to prepare your UAE and beyond documents! We try to concentrate on certificate attestation services in UAE for our valued clients to support them with their customer needs here. Attestation procedures are most commonly adhered to for issuance of visas, residency permits or work permits and include certification of educational credentials, marriage certificates and power of attorney documents.
In the occurrence that a document successfully attested by Talent Document Clearings from the home country is rejected in the UAE for any reason, we will do the following:

Either way, you will receive a FULL REFUND.

Get your documents re-attested for free.

To try and reduce any difficulties, FAST TRACK the fulfilment of your authentication process (where possible).According to Option No. 2, if the documents need to be certified again, the mentioned conditions must be met:

We, Talent Document Clearings must first inform the organization or institution that has been failing your attested documents and confirm their explanation for the activity. We will assist in resolving the situation to the extent permitted by law. It is the most efficient way to minimize disruptions and quickly resolve any issues.

Restrictions to the guarantee

This guarantee is only valid if you have provided us with reliable information and valid supporting documents, and it is your duties and provide us with legitimate documents for attesting. It is additionally your obligation to double-check the specifications of the person or organization to which you are submitting your documents, as we will not be held liable for any risks if incorrect documents are delivered to us. Do not provide forged documents or incorrect information to Talent as this may result in severe punishments or imprisonment under Article 361 of the UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 and other provisions that forbids misinformation. Any fake or doubtful activity may lead to the suspension of our agreement with you and the cancellation of any service guarantees. Talent has the legal responsibility to report any fraudulent behaviour.

Talent Document Clearing

Talent Document Clearing
Office #1303, 13th Floor, Fahidi Heights,
Sharaf DG Metro Exit:4 – Burdubai
Dubai -United Arab Emirates.
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Streamlined attestation for all your international needs.
Expert guidance for any country's visa and accreditation


Streamlined attestation for all your international needs. Expert guidance for any country's visa and accreditation requirements
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