What is the Scope of Doing Certificate Attestation for UAE?

What is the Scope of Doing Certificate Attestation for UAE?

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Most of the people of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and specific Emirates in UAE, are from distinctive nations like India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, and so forth. For similar people, it’s so assuredly important to get their documents attested through Embassy authorities. Even as migrating or abiding in a foreign country, it’s far essential to stay stable and regular with the documents to be attested by the concerning departments. Similar documents can be taken into consideration of extreme effectiveness if attested. Certificate attestation needs to be carried out for different countries issued a document in UAE.

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All types of Educational, Non-Educational/ Personal, and Business documents attestations, Legalization, and Apostille services for more than 35+ countries are accomplished here at Talent.

Educational document attestation like degree certificate attestation documentation, Master’s degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate attestation, transfer document attestation, school certificate attestation, the nursing document attestation, etc.

Non-educational/ personal document attestation like marriage document attestation, birth document attestation, divorce document attestation, death document attestation, experience document attestation, migration document attestation, single status document attestation, etc.

Business document documentation like business enrollment, business agreements, power of attorney, Article of association document attestation, General power of attorney documents attestation, etc.

Scope of doing certificate attestation in UAE

For job opportunities, higher studies, visa change, salary increment, to start a business, child visa, spouse visa, school admission, labor card processing, MOH/DOH examinations, medical purposes, equivalency purposes, filing a divorce, etc.


Procedures for document attestation are as:

Collect your documents

Send to the Country of origin/ home country

Done all the necessary attestation from the government departments like a notary public, Department of State, Sub- Divisional Magistrate, etc. (Procedures may vary depending upon countries).

In addition, the remaining process from the home country is the UAE embassy attestation.

After that, tactics from the Home country end, the documents are returned to UAE and accomplished  the final step of the attestation process i.e., Ministry of Foreign affairs( MOFA).

The document is delivered to the concerned person while  the above all procedure is completed.

 Main procedures for document attestation are as follows :

1. Notary Stamp/ Sub-divisional Magistrate(depending on home country procedures)
2.  Department of state from home country 
3. UAE Embassy attestation in the Home Country
4. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs(MOFA), UAE.

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